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All silent films below have double perforations and can be run on 16mm silent or sound projectors.

  • JACK AND THE BEANSTALK - 1936 Ub Iwerks fairy tale cartoon. Near Mint, 400' - $39
  • NEWS PARADES OF THE YEAR & WORLD WAR II - Great scenes straight from the battlefield at the time. All Excellent to Like New Kodak Castle Films prints:
  • Adventure, Sports & Travel CASTLE FILMS - Excellent to Near Mint condition Kodak 1940's prints, many in OB's: HERE COMES THE CIRCUS, FOOTBALL PARADE OF 1945, CROCODILE THRILLS, CAMERA THRILLS IN WILDEST AFRICA, THREE LITTLE BRUINS GREAT ADVENTURE - $29 each
  • OLD TIME MOVIES - COWBOYS AND INDIANS - Late 1930's Castle Films release is a silent era movie show including intermission and announcement lantern slides with a cowboy adventure. Excellent+ to Like New condition 1942 Kodak print, 400' - $39
  • RED STALLIONS REVENGE - AN Official Films animal adventure film. A young cowboy finds a horse killed by a large black bear. His red stallion gets revenge by fighting and killing the bear. Like New 1956 Kodak print in the OB, 400' - $29



                                                                          16MM SOUND CHRISTMAS FILMS

On 400' Reels Unless Noted.



  • THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS - Castle Films release from 1946. A live-action visualization of the poem, blended with animation. A narrator says the opening of the classic poem while we see the house at rest. Santa lands on the roof, comes down the chimney, magically decorates the tree and sets out the presents as the children sleep. Vintage 1950's Ferrina film stock print in Excellent+ used condition - $59
  • CHRISTMAS CAROLS - Castle Films, 1940's. The choir sings "The First Noel", Hark! The Harold Angels Sing" and "O Come All Ye Faithful". Like New in a worn original box - $49
  • CHRISTMAS TOYSHOP - Made in the 1930's, this is the Castle Films release from 1944 with a live action family situation built around a Terry-Toon cartoon. Peter & Connie are sent off to bed so mom & dad can start arranging the Christmas tree & presents from Santa. Later Santa unexpectedly falls down the chimney very clumsily, waking the children, who run out to greet him. Beautiful 1940's Dupont print in Like New condition - $59
  • THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL (2) - 1953 release by Europe Television Corporation. Originally made in German, this has English dialogue dubbed in. A mother tells the story of the little match girl to her daughter after she didn't help a homeless girl at their door. The match girl in the story passes out in the snow and dreams of a wonderland with Santa Claus and other characters skating on the ice. She then joins them in an ice skating ballet, after which she wakes up to see her deceased grandmother who came to take her to heaven. This is the very rare complete version of this film. A 1953 Kodak print in Very Good to Excellent+ condition. Except for a few sprocket repairs and some clean sprocket cracks, the print is otherwise Like New and runs prefectly, about 25 minutes, 1000' on a 1200' reel - $89

    * This same version of THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL is also avaliable in the abridged 9 minute Castle Films version in Near Mint condition in a worn original box - $59

  • OH COME ALL YE FAITHFUL & A CHRISTMAS DREAM - The choir sings a Christmas worship song and then a 1949 vintage combined live action and puppet animation short from the Czech Republic. A little girl throws away her old rag doll after getting some new presents. Santa appears to get the girl dreaming about her old doll dancing, playing the piano, sliding on it, and getting a large fan to create a strong gust wind that threatens to create havoc but the girl and the doll manages to put a stop to that. Seeing the doll and a few other toys come to life is the charm of this short especially when the live action girl reacts most enthusiastically. Near Mint 1946 Castle Films Kodak prints, both on a full 400' reel (not in OB) - $59
  • VINTAGE KODACHROME 16MM SILENT HOME MOVIES 1956 - This is a set of 2x400' reels of beautiful 16mm silent Kodachrome color home movie film. An older couple at Christmas time in 1956 films scenes of all the rare antique mechanical music boxes and toys they must have bought over the years around the world, some possibly never seen before. Unbelieveable toys from the early 1800's through the 1920's. All are wind up or string pulled mechanical toys and it's amazing to see how they operate. All in sharp beautiful Kodachrome in Like New condition. Excellent hand held camera photography with extended scenes to show operation of each toy or antique. Looks like it could have been meant as a document for insurance purposes. PUBLIC DOMAIN. About 600' on 2x400' reels - $199


  • A CHRISTMAS DREAM (2) - Combines live action with puppet animation. Seeing a doll and a few other toys come to life is the charm of this short especially when the live action girl reacts most enthusiastically. Like New print in the 1950's Santa Claus box and one Mint in the vintage girl with toys OB - $29

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS (2) - Childrens Christmas story from the 1930's. Live action with some cartoon animation. Santa in his workshop preparing the toys for delivery. Like New print in the 1950's Santa Claus box or the 1940's Santa Claus - $29

  • THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS - The classic poem acted out with live action and cartoons. Near Mint in the "Your Movie Show" Castle Films OB - $29


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Adventure - Sports - Travel - Comedy - Westerns
Sound Short Subjects and Feature Extracts

For Many More 16mm Sound Laurel & Hardy Films CLICK HERE

  • COUNTY HOSPITAL - 1932 Hal Roach Laurel & Hardy comedy. In the hospital with a broken leg Ollie is visited by Stan, who brings him hard-boiled eggs, nuts, and total mayhem. This is an abridged version by Library Films of the 2-reel comedy. Like New, 400' - $39
  • The BLANCHE RAVISSE SHOW - 1952 NBC TV kinescope sponsored by the Maine Sardine Industry. 1952 Kodak print in Mint condition, full 450' on a 400' reel - $39
  • NAVAL WORKERS DIGEST - THE PACIFIC MENACE - Produced by Pathe News in 1943 for the U.S. Navy Deparetment's Bureau of Areonautics production devision. Reel Images print from the 1970's. Top quality and Mint condition, full 400' - $49
  • CAMERA THRILLS OF THE WAR - Castle Films release shows thrilling scenes from World War II. Beautiful Like New print, 400' - $49
  • BOWLING ACES - Castle Films, 1946. Bowling experts show you all the tricks. Near Mint, 400' - $39
  • OLE!THE BULL - Castle Films color travel adventure. Excellent print in the OB with reddish color - $20
  • SWIMMING AND DIVING ACES - 1938 Castle Films release showing swimming skills and deep sea diving. Like New 1945 Kodak print, full 400' - $39
  • SPORT SPELLBINDERS - Early 1940's Castle Films release. All kinds of sports represented; thrills and close calls. Near Mint, 400' - $39
  • DAREDEVILS ON ICE - Castle Films, 1945. A 1945 Kodak print in Like New condition, 400' - $39

  • OH, MY ACHIN' TOOTH - Official Films Abbott and Costello comedy. Extract from the 1948 feature film "The Noose Hangs High". On a 400' reel in Like New condition - $49
  • THE HAPPY WARRIOR - The story of Alfred E. Smith. Produced by Fox Movietone News in 1933. The meteoric rise and dramatic fall of Alfred E. Smith, the brash, Catholic anti-Prohibitionist from New York's Lower East Side, are well known. His job at the Fulton Fish Market through his years in the state legislature and as four-time governor of New York to his crushing defeat in 1928 and his final, puzzling defection from the Democratic party in 1936 are the stuff of legend. Mint (never run) Blackhawk print, very full 400' - $59
  • OFFICIAL FILMS NEWS REVIEW OF 1949 - Official Films. Hurricane hits Florida, COLD WAR - Berlin blockade ends, Ecuadorean earthquaqe leaves thousands dead, singer/actor Paul Robeson concert sparks violence in Peekskill NY, lake steamer Noronic burns in Toronto leaving 119 dead, Communist leaders on trial, Truman at the UN. Near Mint film in a worn OB, 400' - $59
  • GUN TOWN - 1940's Castle Films feature extract. Action packed western starring Kirby Grant. Excellent used - $39
  • THE CRUSADES - Castle Films excerpts from the 1935 Paramount Picture starring Loretta Young and Henry Wilcoxin. Near Mint, 400' - $39
  • IF I HAD A MILLION - Castle Films excerpt from the 1932 Paramount feature starring W.C. Fields. Great comedy and in Near Mint condition in the generic Castle Films box, 400' - $59
  • KING OF THE JUNGLE - Excerpt from the 1933 Paramount feature starring Buster Crabbe. Mint, 400' - $39
  • MOVIES GREATEST HEADLINES - 1952 Castle Films quiz game features the Hindenburg, the Tacome Narrows Bridge collapse and other headlines of the century. Like New, 400' - $39
  • S.O.S. ICEBURG - Castle Films. Excerpt from the 1933 Universal feature starring Rod LaRoque. Exciting story of a shipwreck in the Arctic. Mint. 400' - $49
  • SEA RIVALS - Gregory Peck and Ann Blyth. Castle Films excerpt from the 1952 Universal feature "The World In His Arms". Mint, 400' - $29
  • DOG SHOW - Castle Films, 1938. Preparing and conducting a dog show. A 1939 Dupont print in Very Good to Excellent condition, 400' - $29
  • POPE JOHN XXIII, MAN OF PEACE - 1963 Castle Films release on Pope John XXIII, including the coronation. Near Mint on a 400' reel - $29
  • CORONATION OF POPE PAUL VI - Castle Films, 1963. The last pope to be crowned was Paul VI in 1963. Though he decided to cease wearing a papal tiara within weeks of his coronation, and laid his own on the alter of St. Peter's Basilica in a gesture of humility. Near Mint print, 400' - $29


  • WILD RIVER SAFARI - Castle Films, 1954. Adventure and danger deep in the Ubangi and Pygmy areas in Africa. Mint, 400' - $49
  • WING, CLAW & FANG - Castle Films. Thrills and danger as a trainer works with his lion. Mint in a worn OB, 400' - $39
  • WILD HORSE AND THE LITTLE BRAVE - Castle Films digest from the 1946 Universal feature "Wild Beauty". Like New condition, 400' - $29
  • LIFE OF A PRIMITIVE PEOPLE - 1957 Encyclopedia Britannica Films. Study of people still living inder primitive circumstances in Africa. Excellent used condition, 450' - $39

All From The Early 1940's, all 400'.


  • OFFICIAL FILMS SOUNDIES REEL - This is a 1200' reel of three Official Films soundies reels containing 3 soundies in each 300' reel, total of 9 soundies: HILLBILLY HITS includes "The Hillbilly Hoosegow", "There's A Hole In The Old Oaken Bucket" and "Listed To The Mocking Bird"; HAWAIIAN MELODIES includes "Holo Holo Kaa", "Blue Hawaii" and "King Kamehameha"; LATIN NOVELTIES includes "Gay Ranchero", "Stone Cold Dead In The Market" and "Chiquita Banana". All on a 1200' reel in Excellent+ to Like New condition - $99
  • Reverse Image Soundies - This is a full 200' reel with two soundies printed to use on the Mills Pan-O-Ram juke box: SPEAKY, SPAKE AND SPOKE with Mable Todd and ON THE MALL. Both in Excellent+ condition 1945 Kodak prints - $39
  • CAVALCADE OF SONGS - 1941, Nu-Art Films. Sing along with the Ben Bennett Chorus "And The Band Played On" and many others. Excellent quality 1941 Kodak print - $39
  • TIN-TYPE TUNES - Official Films. "By The Beautiful Sea" with the Four Lady Killers, "After The Ball" with the Guardsmen Quartet, "Just A Girl That Men Forget" with Tubby Garron. Excellent+ to Like New in the worn OB - $39
  • VARIETY SHOW - Official Films. "Take Me Back To Boots And Saddle" with Rudy Vallee, "Oh Susanna" with the Four Merry Men, "Mrs. Yankee Doiodle" with Virginia Meyers. Excellent+ to Like New in the worn OB - $39
  • SWINGING THE CLASSICS (2) - The Three Suns perform "William Tell Overture" and two other classics in swing time. Near Mint Official Films print, 400' - $39
  • IRISH SONGS (2) - Official Films. All the most famous Irish tunes. Like New 1949 Kodak print - $39
  • SILVER SPURS - Official Films soundies from the early 1940's. Includes "Old Chisholm Trail" and "Silver Spurs", both with Merle Travis and "Put Your Little Right Foot Out" with the Lone Star Cowboys. Near Mint, 400' - $29
  • SQUARE DANCE MEDLEY - Official Films release of a Columbia 1940's musical short. With Tiny Clark, The Cactus Cowboys and the Barndancers. Full 400', Like New - $39

  • UNDER A GYPSY MOON - RKO musical comedy released by PictoReels. With J. Harold Murray, Erna Rubenstein, Five Balabanows, Nita Carol and the Song Stylists. Like New 1940's Dupont print - $49


These reels compile 3 soundies under a common theme or are excerpted from features.
  • INTERNATIONAL PARADE - Castle Films. "At a Gypsy Campfire", "Chop Chop", "The Kerry Dance". Like New in the worn OB - $39
  • MERRY MUSICALS - Castle Films. "Are You Havin' Any Fun", "The Irish Washerwoman", "Clarence". Like New in the worn OB - $39
  • SONGS OF THE WEST - Carson Robison and his Buckaroos. "Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie", "The Mountains Meet the Sky" and "I'm An Old Cowhand". Excellent+ 1945 Kodak print in the OB - $29
  • GREAT SYMPHONIESS- Conductor Frederich Feher leads the symphony orchestra in "Blue Danube" and "Romance". Near Mint - $299
    Another print in good used condition - $200
  • DANCE MELODIESDANCE MELODIES - Castle Films Music album. "Polka Dot Polka" with Carroll Hood, "Pumpernickle Polka", "Nola" with Vincent Lopez and his orchestra. Excellent+ - $39
  • RURAL RHYTHMS - Casthe Films Music Album. "Hillbilly Tillie" with Harry Duncan, "Barn Dance Frolics" and "They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree" with Frank Novak and his Rootin Tooters. Excellent+ - $39

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