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Updated May 1, 2019

IB Technicolor, LPP, Agfa Color

All original IB Technicolor dye transfer prints or Eastman LPP as noted. All will be no-fade prints unless noted otherwise as Eastman color.



  • THE SILVER CHALICE - Warner Brothers, 1954. Starring Paul Newman, Jack Palance, Virginia Mayo, Natalie Wood. A Greek artisan is commissioned to cast the cup of Christ in silver and sculpt around its rim the faces of the disciples and Jesus himself. He travels to Jerusalem and eventually to Rome to complete the task. Meanwhile, Simon the magician is trying to convince the crowds that he is the new Messiah by using nothing more than cheap parlor tricks. Letterbox print of a Cinemascope production maintains the wide screen image. Beautiful Excellent+ to Like New Letterbox IB Technicolor print on a 3x2000' reels in cans - $699
  • TREASURE OF THE GOLDEN CONDOR - Fox, 1953. Stars Cornel Wilde, Constance Smith, Anne Bancroft, Fay Wray, Leo G. Carroll, Finlay Currie. Jean-Paul rebels against his bondage to his uncle, the Marquis de St. Malo, and journeys to the far-off Mayan hills of Guatemala seeking a hidden treasure. This film was the Indiana Jones of the fifties, thrilling from beginning to the end. Like New IB Technicolor print on 2000' and 1600' reels - $299

  • THE IRON GLOVE - Columbia, 1954. Swashbuckling action starring Robert Stack, Alan Hale Jr., and Ursula Thiess. Directed by William Castle. Irishman Charles Wogan wields his sword in the cause of James Stuart who seeks to replace George I on the throne of England. IB Technicolor print in Excellent+ to Like New condition on 2x1600' reels - $249

  • BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - United Artists, 1962. Starring Mark Damon and Joyce Taylor. Sometime in the Middle Ages. Every night the young duke Eduardo, heir to the throne, changes into a horrible looking werewolf. An alchemist, killed by Eduardos father, is responsible for this curse. Only a woman who loves Eduardo can overcome it. Beautiful IB Technicolor print in Excellent condition on 2x1600' reels - $299
  • STOP, YOU'RE KILLING ME - Warner Brothers, 1952. Broderick Crawford and Claire Trevor shine in this semi-musical comedy remake of "A Slight Case Of Murder". This tale of a beer baron whose wife and daughter are trying to crash high society, and who seem well on their way but for a little problem of a bunch of corpses in their Lake George mansion, is a nice mix of Arsenic and Old Lace style gallows whimsy and Capone era gangster melodrama. Beautiful IB Technicolor print. Excellent to Like New condition on 2x1600' reels - $249


  • THE WAR BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN - 1972 comedy/drama starring Jack Lemmon, Barbara Harris and Jason Robards. Two quirky Manhattanites crash into each other at an ophthalmologist's office. Peter is a grouchy cartoonist/author whose vision is failing and divorced mother Theresa is also reluctant to plunge into a relationship right now. Loosely based on James Thurber's drawings "The War Between Men & Women," and Thurber's life. The film features animated with live action sequences as a drunk Lemmon and Robards battle with the cartoon women drawn on the walls. As Lemmon's character is based on real life cartoonist James Thurber, we see drawings and animation by Playhouse Pictures that is directly inspired by his work including a perfect rendering of his picture tale called "The Last Flower". "The War Between Men and Women" is both hilarious and very dramatically touching. This movie is highly recommended. Like New LPP Color original print on 1600' and 2300' reels - $299









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