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All Films On This Page Are 16mm Optical Sound.
(magnetic sound only if indicated)

The following are vintage, top quality original black and white or Technicolor films as stated in Excellent to Mint condition
(unless otherwise noted).

1963 TV half hour documentary series that aired weekly during the 1963-64 season on NBC television, ranks one of the best of its kind behind-the-scenes look at classic Hollywood to ever be documented. Narrated by screen actor Joseph Cotten. All original prints, about 900' each on 1200' reels
  • A MAN CALLED BOGART - 1963 Kodak print in Excellent condition - $149
  • THE IMMORTAL JOLSON - 1979 print in Near Mint condition - $149
  • NATALIE WOOD, HOLLYWOOD'S CHILD - Agfa print in Near Mint condition - $149


 TV classic from the early 1950's with Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Pat Brady. Beautiful Like New to Near Mint vintage prints, complete with all beginning and ending titles with Roy and Dale singing "Happy Trails To You".

  • Prints are identified mostly by episode numbers. Prints are Excellent+ to Mint condition. All I have for most is the episode number:
    #4, #6, #79, #89, SILVER FOX HUNT - $99 each

RoyRogersA1.jpg (28698 bytes)
  • GUNSMOKE - 1956, Episode 10 of season 2, "Greater Love". The opening scene with an unhappy Doc complaining to Matt and Chester is a little gem, again demonstrating the wonderful chemistry between the cast principals that meant so much to the show's success. Killer Jed Butler takes Doctor Adams hostage to help his dying partner, and learns the true meaning of love for a friend, when Matt risks his life to rescue the good doctor. Excellent+ to Like New condition complete network print with all original L&M Cigarette commercials and one Remington shaver commercial. Final scene after the end titles has Doc and Matt smoking L&M's with Doc advising the audience to smoke them to be fullfilled in life. About 1000' on a 1200' reel in the original fair condition CBS can labeled "CBS Reference Print" - $89
  • WAGON TRAIN - 1958, Episode 19 of Season 1, "The Honorable Don Charlie Story". Stars Ward Bond and special guest Cesar Romero. Don Charlie is a gambler and womanizer and makes no excuses for it. When he meets a woman who wants to marry him there may be trouble because the Major promised her uncle that she would make it safely to San Francisco. Like New on a 2300' reel - $99
  • SUSPICION - Universal, 1958. The executive producer of Suspicion was film director Alfred Hitchcock. The one-hour-long program, like others offered by Hitchcock, was designed to play on peoples fears and suspicions. This is episode #28, "Fraction Of A Second" starring Bette Davis. Mrs. Ellis takes her daughter to the car picking up the girls to take them to school. When she returns home five minutes later, she finds her furniture rearranged and three strangers insisting that they own the house. Excellent+ condition in the MCA can, 2000' - $139
  • PROFILES IN COURAGE - WOODROW WILSON - NBC, 1964. This anthology series presented episodes in the lives of true-life historical personages who each faced a terrible crisis in their life. In 1916 Woodrow Wilson nominates Judge Louis D. Brandeis to the US Supreme Court. As a Jew and as a judge who has stood up to special interests, Judge Brandeis faces intense opposition. Like New on a 2000' reel - $79
By Jam Handy Productions
  • KEY TO OUR HORIZONS - 1952 Chevrolet public relations film. Shows how the car industry affects all kinds of jobs involving the it's production and use of the final product, and the way we live. Great scenes in towns around the USA. Near Mint Dupont 400' print in the can - $89
  • THE INSIDE STORY - 1950 Chevrolet public relations film. Showing assembly in the plant Near Mint 1950 Kodak 400' print in the can - $89
  • YOUR TOWN, U.S.A. - Early 1950 Jam Handy film produced by Chevrolet. Shows the typical home town population getting up and starting the day. Promotes the importance of Chevrolet trucks used in transporting goods to businesses and restaurants. Like New Dupont print in the original can, 300' on a 400' reel - $89
  • MILLIONS OF MASTERPIECES - Great late 1940's Jam Handy Chevrolet film shows the factory production line assembly of Chevrolet cars. Like New condition Dupont print, full 400' - $89
  • THE HEAD MAN - 1951 comedy Chevrolet training film with Edward Everett Horton about treating customers with respect and in a friendly manner. 1951 Kodak print in Mint condition. 400' in can - $69
  • THE VELVET GLOVE - Shows advances in car production including use of liquid pressure instead of the friction clutch. 1951 Kodak print in Excellent+ to Like New condition in the can - $69
  • TOMORROW'S DRIVERS - 1954 Chevrolet public relations film by Jam Handy. Narrated by James Stewart. Shows children in elementary school learning driving skills early using small cars that really operate. Compares mistakes they make to adults still making them. Full 400', Mint condition Dupont print in the can - $89
  • THE BIG WINNER - At Daytona Beach and other NASCAR stock car races where the Chevrolet excels all other brands. 1956 Kodak print in Near Mint condition in the can - $69
  • BOXES AND BALLS - Structure of the frame and cross member attachments for durability. 1956 Dupont print in Near Mint condition in the can - $69

  • WE OF THE WEST RIDING - 1945 British informational film. The life of families around the textile mills of the West Riding in Yorkshire, England. Exploring the mill towns and textile industry within this area of Northern England, the film examines the structure of family life away from the British capital. Observed through the eyes of a little boy, he recounts visiting his family members who are all employed in different sectors of the local cloth industry. Much attention is paid to the dramatic rural landscapes and moorland that have become the focus for some of Britain's most renowned works of literature, including Wuthering Heights and other novels by the infamous Bronte sisters. Excellent 1945 Kodak print, 800' - $119
  • TO THE FAIR - 1964. Like all world's fairs, the New York World's Fair of 1964-1965 was conceived as a one-time celebration and designed to leave few traces behind. Orchestrated by urban planner Robert Moses, the billion-dollar extravaganza was dedicated to the promotion of "peace through understanding" and "man's achievements in an expanding universe". When the fair opened to fewer visitors than expected, Alexander Hammid and Francis Thompson were commissioned to produce this promotional film to boost attendance. While memories of the exposition may have faded, the fair lives on in To the Fair! Excellent+ to Near Mint beautiful IB Technicolor print with all original leaders on a 1200' reel - $349

  • TOURNAMENT OF ROSES 1952 - In Pasadena, California. This is the camera original 1952 Kodachrome Color optical sound film taken with an optical sound 16mm camera. Well edited with narration made at the time the film was taken. Professionally made, edited and titled. Shows all the floats close up, Nancy Thorne the Queen, and guests such as Hopalong Cassidy. A one of a kind print that may have been used to make release prints from. Outstanding quality and Near Mint condition, over 800' on a 1200' new Goldberg reel in a can - $299
  • THE STORY OF THE LETTER POST - British, 1964. British post office history and how the mail service evolved from the beginning. Mint outstanding beautiful IB Technicolor print, 800' - $129
  • OLD DOG TRAY - 1946, Admiral Pictures. Starring Don Reed. Ken Darby and the Kingsmen singing and renacting the story behind this old song. Beautiful 1947 Kodachrome Color print in excellent condition on an 800' reel - $69
  • MAGIC HIGHWAY U.S.A. - Produced in 1958 by Walt Disney. Live action and animation. The significance of the American highway, featuring the history of motoring, which explains that to drive the first cars was quite an adventure in itself, due to awful roads (which back then were not much more than rutted wagon paths) and the scarcity of fuel supplies and spare parts, not to mention the lack of useful maps and signposts, resulting in short drives turning into day-long affairs. And finally it shows what the future might possibly bring. This is the theatrical release version of an episode of the Disneyland TV show. Excellent used beautiful IB Technicolor print on a 1200' reel - $299
  • WONDERFUL WORLD - Produced by Jam Handy in 1959 for Coca Cola. Entertaining travelogue with the main point being, no matter where you go, how much of a distant point you run off to, there will always be Coke just in case you want it! We are escorted through the US and Europe, stopping at such far flung places as Egypt, Japan and the Phillipines, Asia, Africa and South America, Central America, Mexico, and back to the US and we briefly go over some of the main tourist attractions at all of them. Comes with all the printed promotional material used by the Coca Cola bottler. All titles are there from "Wonderful World" on, but missing the short 50 second prolog before the titles. Beautiful, Excellent+ used to mostly Like New IB Technicolor print on a full 2000' reel - $249
  • THE STUDEBAKER STORY - 1953. Stars Donald Woods, Harry Carey Jr., and Myron Healy. The history of the Studebaker family, their success at making wagons and the company's venture into automobiles. Beautiful Excellent+ condition IB Technicolor 1953 print, about 1400' on a 1600' reel - $249
  • THE AMERICAN ENGINEER - Produced by Jam Handy in 1956 for Chevrolet. Tribute to the American engineer presented by Chevrolet. This featurette discusses the many different fields of engineering with special attention given to the automobile. Scenes from all facets of industry including a Chevrolet automobile assembly plant, building roads, and businesses including a drive-in movie theatre at night. Beautifully photographed in radiant IB Technicolor. This is NOT the poor condition cropped print shown on You Tube. Near Mint on a 1200' reel - $399
  • ROYAL WEDDING PRESENTS - 1947. This film was produced as a special present to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on the event of their wedding in 1947. Produced in beautiful IB Technicolor in Britain, it shows all the elaborate wedding gifts to the royal couple, including an elaborate 35mm sound projector and a 35mm Technicolor film print in silver cans of the entire wedding. Amazing to see and in Near Mint condition on a 1200' reel - $299
  • FISH IS FOOD - Made by Pictorial Films in the 1940's with the cooperation of the City of New York Department of Markets and The Fishery Council of New York City. Covers every step of how fish are brought to market; then end up in grocery stores, restaurants and your home dinner table. A 1947 Kodak print in Near Mint condition, full 400' - $49
  • ALPHABET CONSPIRACY - Bell Telephone Science Film from 1957. Dr. Baxter goes into a storyland world with an Alice In Wonderland type story. Also stars Hans Conried as the Mad Hatter wanting to destroy the alphabet. Beautiful IB Technicolor in excellent used condition, 2000' - $99
  • A TOUCH OF CALIFORNIA - 1962 Kodachrome travel film on California. The beautiful sites all over the state including Hollywood and Disneyland. Beautiful Kodachrome color in Excellent to near Mint condition on a full 800' reel - $199
  • LOS ANGELES COUNTY FAIR - 1953 documentary showing preparation for the fair in Los Angeles, California with scenes from previous Los Angeles fairs from the 1920's on to 1953. Like New, beautiful Kodachrome Color on a full 1200' reel - $299
  • UM&M (PARAMOUNT) PICTORIAL - THE WORLD AT LARGE - Paramount, 1932. Newsreel style stories.  "Unmentionables" is about womens underwear styles for 1932 and "Phil Cook" is radio's man of many voices and gives a radio performance doing all seven voices. Like New UM&M Kodak print - $69
  • PEPPY THE PUPPY - 1952 Coronet Film about the adventures of a dog with his human family. Excellent film for elementary age children. Excellent condition on a full 400' reel - $39
  • DESTINATION DOTTED LINE - 1952, Pontiac Motor Devision of General Motors. Part of the training for retail salesmen, "The Men Of Pontiac". Mint 1951 Kodak print, full 400' - $79
  • ZOO IN MANHATTAN - A visit to the Manhattan, New York zoo in the 1930's. Excellent 1941 Kodak print in Like New condition on a full 400' reel - $39
  • RURAL RHAPSODY - Universal, 1937. This entry in Universal's "Popular Person-Oddity" series of shorts drops in on band leader Paul Whiteman at his 700-acre Horse Farm in Rosemont, New Jersey; antique watch collector shows his watches; old gold prospector George Carnes, of Mountain Rach, California, still gets sizable pokes of gold from his efforts; triplet 2 year old girl models and finally a trained steer that does tricks. Excellent used vintage 1946 Kodak print, full 400' - $59
  • INAUGRATION OF FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT - 1933. Movietone news. Near Mint in the Blackhawk OB, 400' - $59
Pontiac1952A.jpg (109354 bytes)
  • INSURANCE - Paramount, 1930. Starring Eddie Cantor. Sidney Swieback visits the insurance doctor; the examination turns into an stand-up comedy routine, including the song "Now That the Girls are Wearing Long Dresses." Like New vintage 1960's Eastman NTA or Blackhawk print, 400' - $89
  • THE CRYSTAL BALLET - Twentieth Century Fox release of an Educational Pictures documentary, 1937. A fantasy of the twenty-eighth carnival of the Toronto Skating Club. The story of Cinderella on skates. Like New 1944 Kodak print, a full 400' - $49
  • JOHNNY AT THE FAIR - 1947 promotional film for the Canadian National Exhibition. A young boy gets separated from his parents at the fair and meets some celebrities; Joe Louis, Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson. A campy tour showing all the sights. Excellent+ condition Sterling Films print, 400' - $49
  • HORSE RAISING - Produced by Frith Films. 1940's film about raising horses. Excellent condition on a full 400' reel - $39
  • GET A JOB - 1985, Brad Caslor cartoon produced by the National Film Board of Canada. This short animation follows the tribulations of a cartoon character, Bob Dog, as he hunts for a job. Self-motivation, preparing a resume, and getting ready for an interview are all dealt with in a highly entertaining fashion, while the Doo-wop mover Get a Job provides the upbeat musical soundtrack. Great cartoon combines the wild animation style of Bob Clampett and Tex Avery. Beautiful Like New condition LPP Color print, full 400' - $299
  • THE RIVER - 1938 documentary by Pare Lorentz shows the importance of the Mississippi River to the United States and how farming and timber practices had caused topsoil to be swept down the river and into the Gulf of Mexico, leading to catastrophic floods and impoverishing farmers. It ends describing how the Tennessee Valley Authority project was beginning to reverse these problems. It won the "best documentary" category at the 1938 Venice International Film Festival. Mint Blackhawk Films print, about 1000' on a 1200' reel - $129
  • AN AMERICAN NEWSBOY - Produced by the United States information Service in 1951. A young boy learns how to run his own business in his home town delivering newspapers. Great scenes around neighborhoods and towns of the early 50's. Near Mint 1952 Kodak print, 400' - $99



Originally Released By Paramount Pictures

  • A FASCINATING ADVENTURE - 1938 Grantland Rice Sportlight. A man and woman canoeing in the swamps of Florida have close contact with all the animals, above and underwater. Mint 1969 NTA print, 400' - $49
  • GUARDIANS OF THE WILD - 1940's Grantland Rice Sportlight. Story of the work of a forest ranger. Mint 1969 NTA print, 400' - $49
  • ACROBATIC ACES - 1941 Grantland Rice Sportlight. Acrobatic skills of all types shown. Like New NTA/Blackhawk print, 400' in the OB - $49


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