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Updated August 22, 2019

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These films are for standard 8mm movie projectors or dual-8 movie projectors. Some of these titles are almost impossible to find in any guage but 8mm. All are in Like New to Mint condition unless noted otherwise. Vintage silent films running their true speed of 12 to 18 frames per second means 200' of 8mm film will run about 15 minutes. Most silent features run from under an hour to just over an hour. That is why many silent features are only 3 to 6 reels (200') long. Here is your chance to have many historic movies on film for little more than the cost of a video or DVD. All films are in cans or white boxes. If possible I'll list the manufacturer of the print. Older vintage Kodak or Dupont prints are desired for their excellent resolution, although quality can vary. All are very good or excellent picture quality unless noted. Remember many reels are full to the brim, so a 5 reel (5x200') feature may be on 2x400' reels.


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  • THE BIRTH OF A NATION (2) - Epoch, 1915. D. W. Griffith landmark epic story of the civil war starring Lillian Gish. A controversial, explicitly racist, but landmark American film masterpiece. The domestic melodrama/epic originally premiered with the title The Clansman in February, 1915 in Los Angeles, California, but three months later was retitled with the present title at its world premiere in New York, to emphasize the birthing process of the US. Film scholars agree, however, that it is the single most important and key film of all time in American movie history. Supurb Mint Eastman or Kodak vintage Blackhawk Films print on 6x400' reels - $99
  • LORNA DOONE - First National, 1923. Starring Madge Bellamy and John Bowers. In 17th-century England, an outlaw clan kidnaps a young girl, who grows up among them. The farm boy who met her just before the kidnapping eventually rescues her, and they fall in love. Griggs-Moviedrome print on 3x400' reels in cans - $69
  • TOL'ABLE DAVID (2) - First National Pictures, 1921. Starring Richard Barthelmess. When three thuggish men are responsible for the death of his father and the crippling of his brother, young David must choose between supporting his family or risking his life and exacting vengeance. A superb piece of Americana, a great film that reproduces a long-lost time in America as well as long-last attitudes. Directed by Henry King.
    Mint Blackhawk print on 4x400' reels in the OB - $99
    Also a Regent print on 3x400' reels - $69
  • THE TEST OF DONALD NORTON - Chadwick, 1926. Starring George Walsh, younger brother of director Raoul Walsh, "The Test of Donald Norton" is great fun. The film takes place in the great northern regions of Canada where the Hudson Bay Company ruled for years, dealing with the Natives. Excellent Regent print on 3x400' reels - $69
  • RED RAIDERS - 1927 Ken Maynard western. Lone wolf, who is stirring up the Indians against the wishes of his elders, gets the job of scout at the fort. Mint Regent print on 3x400' reels in cans - $59

  • THE PHANTOM BULLET - 1926 Hoot Gibson western. When Click's father is killed by a phantom bullet, he returns home to find the killer. To put the killer off guard he poses as a dude with a camera. Excellent condition on 2x400' full to brim reels in a can - $59
  • THUNDERING HOOFS - 1924 Fred Thomson western. The border bandit Severn is after Estrada's money. He not only gets Estrada to promise his daughter to him in marriage but he also convinces him that Dave Marshall is the bandit. Near Mint Regent Films print on 3x400' reels in cans - $59
  • PECK'S BAD BOY - 1921. Starring Jackie Coogan. Young boy Bill Peck adores his father and tries to be good, but the arrival of Bill's cousin Horace upsets Bill's plans. Horace's brattish ways result in Bill rather than Horace getting in trouble. Near Mint Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels in a worn OB - $59
  • THE YANKEE CLIPPER - 1927. Starring William Boyd. Action adventure on 3x400' reels. Excellent quality dupe print - $49
  • THE PHANTOM FLYER - Universal, 1928. A modern range war, modern for 1928, complete with oil derricks in the backyard, horsemen being pursued by motorcyclists, and there's stunt flyer Al Wilson to save the day. Like New Regent Films print on 2x400' reels in cans - $49
  • TEMPEST - United Artists, 1928. Starring John Barrymore and Louis Wolheim. In the final days of Czarist Russia, a peasant is raised from the ranks to Lieutenant. The other officers, aristocrats all, resent him, and make his life difficult On 5x400' reels - $79
  • THE NIGHT CRY (2) - Warner Bros., 1926. Rin Tin Tin, of course, was the chief attraction of the movie, but he was certainly ably supported by all the human players and by another non-human player, a condor, whose presence motivated a heart-stopping scene. Like New Ferinna print on 3x400' reels - $59
  • THE LAST LAUGH - Germany, 1924. Emil Jannings is the doorman of the elegant Atlantic Hotel. He is proud of his uniform and function, and respected by his community. When he reaches the old age, he has difficulties to carry trucks and suitcases. The hotel manager decides to change his function to washroom attendant. This apparently simple action is enough to destroy him as a human being. He loses his self-respect and when his neighbor finds that he is janitor of the hotel, he loses the respect of his neighbors and friends. A Mint condition, good quality print on 4x400' reels - $59

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  • THE PATENT LEATHER KID - First National Pictures, 1927. A boxer has difficulty balancing his sport with a budding romance; both are further jeopardized when the United States enters the first World War. THE PATENT LEATHER KID ranks among the great silent films. Based on the best-selling novel by Rupert Hughes, this long and ambitious film is almost two films in one. Richard Barthelmess, who won an Oscar nomination for best actor, stars as the boxing champion. This is a complete, good dupe quality 8mm print in Like New condition, focus a little soft, 6x400' - $79


  • TUMBLEWEEDS - 1925, William S. Hart western. In 1889 the government will grant a fringe of terrain in the Cherokee Strip for the settlers who want to live and work there. The starting sign will be a gunshot which will iniciate the run for the best fields and claims. Like New Regent Films print on 4x400' reels - $89
  • THE TOLL GATE - 1920 William S. Hart western. Outlaw Black Deering leads a band of desperadoes, but decides to give up the bandit life. Agreeing to go on one last job with his gang, he is captured when his henchman Jordan betrays the gang for the reward. Mint Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels in cans - $69
  • ON THE NIGHT STAGE - 1915 A stagecoach robber falls in love with a saloon girl. However, she falls for a pastor, who converts her; she marries him. The robber is so impressed by this that he decides to turn over a new leaf. However, a shady gambler sets his sights on the former saloon girl, and the robber has to protect her from his advances. Like New Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels in OB - $69

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  • HELL'S HINGES - 1916 William S. Hart western. When Reverend Robert Henley and his sister Faith arrive in the town of Hell's Hinges, saloon owner Silk Miller and his cohorts sense danger to their evil ways. Like New Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels in cans - $59
  • WAGON TRACKS - 1919 William S. Hart western. Buckskin Hamilton guides a wagon train across the wasteland, caring well for the pioneers he escorts, but hoping to solve the murder of his brother by one of the travellers. Mint Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels in OB - $79
  • THE RETURN OF DRAW EGAN - 1916 William S. Hart western. Outlaw leader "Draw" Egan, believed dead, turns up in the town of Yellow Dog. The townsfolk believe him to be William Blake, a strong and law-abiding man. Mint Blackhawk print on 2x400' reels in cans - $59
  • THE NARROW TRAIL - 1917 William S. Hart western. Ice Harding, outlaw, tames a wild horse and names it King. Ice and his gang hold up a stagecoach and encounter San Francisco vice king Bates and his innocent niece. Near Mint Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels OB - $69








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