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  • SATURDAY AFTERNOON - Mack Sennett, 1926 Harry Langdon comedy. Henpecked husband Harry is coerced by a good time pal to go on a clandestine double date. Of course, no good will come of this, as they encounter streetwalkers, bumpy roads, and a couple of toughs previously jilted by their dates. Mint print on one full 600' reel or 2x400' reels - $59
  • THE BIG IDEA - 1923 Hal Roach comedy starring Snub Pollard. Inventor Ignatius Pollard develops a new "Pavement Polisher" to clean the streets, but a demonstration of the device does not go as planned. Near Mint on a full 200' reel in a worn OB - $39

  • THE SHOW - 1922. Starring Larry Semon and Oliver Hardy. A harried propman (Larry Semon) backstage at a theater must put up with malfunctioning wind machines, roosters that spit nitroglycerine, and a gang planning to rob the theater's payroll. Mint print, 400' in the OB - $49
  • A THE BAKERY - 1921. Starring Larry Semon and Oliver Hardy. Well meaning but accident prone bakery employee Larry is involved in numerous slapstick mishaps on the job. After accidentally causing the bakery owner to fall into a vat of cake batter Larry finds his job in jeopardy, but he redeems himself by foiling a robbery planned by the bakery foreman. Mint print, 400' in the OB - $49


  • HAUNTED SPOOKS - 1920 Harold Lloyd comedy. After numerous failed attempts to commit suicide, Harold runs into a lawyer who is looking for a stooge to stand in as a groom in order to secure an inheritance of a house, which her scheming uncle "haunts" so that he can scare them off and claim the property. Near Mint on a 400' reel in the OB - $39
  • A DESPERATE SCOUNDREL (2) - 1915 Mack Sennett comedy with Ford Sterling. Flushed with success after stealing milk from a baby, a villain plots to rob a busy neighborhood laundry. Mint, 400' in a white box - $29


  • HIS NEW PROFESSION - 1914 Charlie Chaplin comedy with Charley Chase. Charlie meets a couple and agrees to care for the man's crippled uncle. After the couple breaks up the man's new girl drops some eggs which Charlie slips on while trying to control the wheelchair. Like New print, 200', in the OB - $39
  • THE NEW JANITOR - 1914 Charlie Chaplin comedy. Charlie is janitor for a firm the manager of which receives a threatening note about his gambling debts. Mint print, 200', in the OB - $39
  • THE ROUNDERS - 1914 Charlie Chaplin comedy with Fatty Arbuckle. Two drunks live in the same hotel. One beats his wife, the other is beaten by his. They go off and get drunk together. They try to sleep in a restaurant using tables as beds and are thrown out. Like New print, 200', in the OB - $39
  • THE RINK - 1916 Charlie Chaplin comedy. After causing restaurant chaos at work, a bumbling waiter tears up the local roller rink with his skating. Excellent+ on 2x200' reels in the OB - $49
  • POLICE - 1916 Charlie Chaplin comedy. Charles Chaplin, a convict, is given $5.00 and released from prison after having served his term. Near Mint on 2x200' reels in the OB - $59
  • THE FLOORWALKER - 1916 Charlie Chaplin comedy. The Tramp is tricked into impersonating an embezzling floorwalker in a department store. Like New on 2x200' reels in the OB - $49
  • THE CHAMPION - 1915 Charlie Chaplin comedy. Walking along with his bulldog, Charlie finds a "good luck" horseshoe just as he passes a training camp advertising for a boxing partner "who can take a beating." Like New on 2x200' reels in the OB - $49

____________________________CHRISTMAS FILMS_________________________

  • THE LITTLEST ANGEL - Released by Coronet Films in 1950. A child enters Heaven, but he is NOT a model angel. Nothing he does seems to be right. When Jesus is born, everyone must decide on a gift. This animated version is the highest rated version of the famous story. Mint on 2x200' reels in the OB - $39
  • THE NATIVITY OF OUR LORD - 1950's. The first Christmas story told in a live action drama. Mint, 200' in the OB - $24
  • A SAVIOR IS BORN - 1938, Foundation Films. The story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Mint on 2x200' reels in the OB - $39
  • NAZARETH, THE TOWN WHERE JESUS LIVED - A tour of the Holy Land. Mint, 200' in the OB - $20
  • OUR DARE-DEVIL CHIEF - 1915 Mack Sennett comedy with Ford Sterling. A gang of thieves continually threaten or attempt to kill the Mayor, always setting up the bumbling Chief of Police as the culprit. The Chief's very friendly relationship with the Mayor's wife doesn't help. When the Mayor's valuables are stolen the Chief is given a chance to redeem himself. Mint Kodak print, 2x200' in the OB - $39
  • LAW AND THE OUTLAW - 1913 Tom Mix western. Dakota Wilson escapes from the Deer Lodge Penitentiary, and, after a period of quietness, secures a position on the Diamond S ranch, owned by Buffalo Watson. Ruth, the daughter of the ranch owner, one day sees Dakota's display of horsemanship, and the admiration thus aroused soon ripens into love, much against the protest of the family. This originally was a 2 reeler in 1914, but at least 5 years later as Mix's popularity began to soar it was combined with another 2 reeler to provide a near feature length film for his ever growing audience. About 500' on 2x400' reels, Mint in the OB - $49
  • AMAZING ANIMALS OF THE AMAZON - Adventure animal film. Like New. 200' in the OB - $15
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  • HEAVEN WILL PROTECT A WOIKING GOIL - 1916 comedy with Priscilla Dean. Nell leaves for the big city in search of her missing father, followed by a helpless boyfriend hoping to protect her. Mint on a full 200' reel in the OB - $39
  • FLIRTING WITH FATE - 1916 Douglas Fairbanks adventure comedy. In the midst of an emotional depression, a man hires a murderer to kill him. But the despair soon passes, and the man must now escape the killer he's hired to end his life. About 900' on 3x400' reels - $79
  • IT'S A GIFT - 1923 Hal Roach comedy with Snub Pollard. A group of oil magnates are trying to think of new ways to attract business. One of them suggests that they contact the inventor Pollard, who has devised a new gasoline substitute. Full 200', Mint in the OB - $29
  • A PAIR OF TIGHTS - 1929 Hal Roach comedy starring Anita Garvin and Edgar Kennedy. Two girls are invited by one of the girls boy-friend's tight boss for dinner. On the way they stop for a cheap ice-cream. But swinging doors, ventilators, cops and a brat make it nearly impossible to get the ice cream even close to the car where the rest are waiting. Mint print on 2x200' reels in the OB - $39
  • THE TWO DOYLES - 1919 Franklin Farnum western. Second of twelve episodes in the Franklyn Farnum 2-reel Western series produced by Canyon Pictures Corporation. Mint, 400' in the OB - $29
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  • FEET OF MUD - 1924 Harry Langdon comedy. As Harry has "cleaned up" on the football field and won the big game, Natalie's dad figured that he should do the same in the world of work before marrying his daughter. Like New, 400' in the OB - $39
  • BOOBS IN THE WOODS (2) - SYNOPSIS 1925 comedy starring Harry Langdon. Like New 1972 print. 400' in the OB or a white box - $29
  • SATURDAY AFTERNOON - 1926 Harry Langdon comedy. Mint on one 400' reel to the brim in the OB - $39
  • ALL NIGHT LONG - SYNOPSIS 1924 Mack Sennett comedy starring Harry Langdon. Like New 1950's DUPONT print - $39
  • CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS - 1922 Al Christie comedy starring Bobby Vernon. Great quality, Mint Blackhawk print, 225' on a 200' reel in the silver OB - $39
  • A HAREM KNIGHT (2) - 1926 Ben Turpin comedy features Ben as Rodney St. Clair, the playboy from the international set. Near Mint on a 400' reel in a can - $39
  • TWO WAGONS, BOTH COVERED - 1924 Hal Roach comedy starring Will Rogers that spoofs "The Covered Wagon". Excerpts of "The Covered Wagon" are before the comedy on the same full 400' reel. Near Mint - $39
  • A MOVIE STAR - 1916 Mack Swain comedy. Excellent print with some base lines. 400' in a can - $18
  • BRONCHO BILLY AND THE GREASER - 1914 Broncho Billy Anderson western. Broncho Billy comes between a Mexican thug and the young woman he is disturbing. 200', Near Mint in the OB - $24
  • IN THE DAYS OF THE THUNDERING HERD - 1914 Tom Mix western. Tom and Sally are the only survivors when their wagon train is attacked by Swift Wing's braves. Mint condition on a full 400' reel - $29
  • THE SAGA OF WILLIAM S. HART - Paul Killiam documentary on the classic silent era cowboy star. Excellent+ KODAK print on 2x400' reels - $39
  • THE DENTIST - Silent Blackhawk version of the 1933 W.C. Fields comedy by Mack Sennett. 300', Mint in the OB or plastic can - $24
  • THE DAREDEVIL - 1923 Ben Turpin comedy. Abridgement of the 2 reel comedy. The movie makers are filming the next installment of the western serial, "Get Your Man". The movie's leading man wants his stunt double to do the next dangerous stunt. Like New on one 200' reel in the OB - $24
  • THE MASSACRE - 1914 D.W. Griffith drama. Mint on a full 400' reel in the OB - $39


  • LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN - 1923 Leo D. Maloney western. After Jones kicks David Phillips off his ranch, Phillips finds Jones' young grandson who had strayed away from the ranch. Not allowed on Jones' ranch, he leaves the boy at another ranch with a note. With a reward being offered for the boy's return, Jones' foreman finds the boy and alters the note to make it look like a kidnaping. 400', Mint in the OB - $39
  • MYSTERY OF THE DOUBLE CROSS, Chapter 12 -RIDDLE OF THE CROSS - 1917 serial starring Mollie King and Leon Bary. 400', Mint condition in a worn OB- $20
  • DRY AND THIRSTY - 1920 Billy Bletcher Christie comedy. Horace Radish wants a drink, but Prohibition is in force. When all his other schemes fail, he heads to the Bootlegger's Haven Hotel with high hopes. Very soft focus image for some reason. Mint, 200' in the OB - $10
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Laurel and Hardy "2-Reeler"Comedies - Hal Roach silent era (1926 to 1929) classic films starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. All are on 400' reels unless noted. Like New to Mint condition in cans or the OB
$29 each (unless otherwise priced):

DOUBLE WHOOPEE - 400' or 2x200 - $29
TWO TARS - 400' - $29
WE FAW DOWN (2) - $39
WRONG AGAIN - 2x200' - $29
BIG BUSINESS (2) - $29

THAT'S MY WIFE (2) - $29
     or 2x200' - $39
UNACCUSTOMED AS WE ARE (2) - 2x200'& 400'- $29

  • CALL OF THE CUCKOO - 1927 Hal Roach comedy starring Max Davidson, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and Jimmy Finlayson. Max wants to sell his home, because of the crazy neighbours. Somebody else wants to get rid of his house, too, so they swap. But that house turns out to be a chaos of installation. The highlights are the scenes with the neighbors who are played by Laurel, Hardy and Charley Chase. Mint on a 400' reel in a can - $49
  • 45 MINUTES FROM HOLLYWOOD (2) - 1926 Hal Roach comedy starring Oliver Hardy, Glenn Tryon and Stan Laurel. This is the first time Laurel and Hardy appeared in the same film at Roach Studios. A young man visiting Hollywood on family business gets into trouble when he sees a bank robbery in progress, and thinks it is a movie scene. Mint, 400' in the OB - $49
  • THE MUSIC BOX - Laurel and Hardy. Silent version of their classic 1932 sound comedy on a 400' reel in a can - $24
  • SAVE THE SHIP - 1923 Hal Roach comedy starring Stan Laurel. Like New print on a full 200' reel in a worn OB - $39
  • KILL OR CURE - 1923 Hal Roach comedy starring Stan Laurel. Laurel portrays a commercial traveller, hawking a patent medicine cried Professor I.O. Dine's Knox-All. Mint print on a full 200' reel in the OB - $39
  • HUNGRY HEARTS - 1916 comedy starring Oliver Hardy and Billy Ruge. Plump and Runt are starving artists who are both in love with their pretty model. Runt chooses money over love and marries a widow he thinks is rich. It turns out the model is the real heiress, and Plump marries her. Mint on a full 200' reel in the OB - $39
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