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All films are black & white, Excellent to Mint condition and  200' in length, unless otherwise noted.

  • FEET OF MUD - 1924 Harry Langdon comedy. As Harry has "cleaned up" on the football field and won the big game, Natalie's dad figured that he should do the same in the world of work before marrying his daughter. Like New, 400' in the OB - $39
  • BOOBS IN THE WOODS (2) - 1925 comedy starring Harry Langdon. Like New 1972 print. 400' in the OB or a white box - $29
  • SATURDAY AFTERNOON - Mack Sennett, 1926 Harry Langdon comedy. Henpecked husband Harry is coerced by a good time pal to go on a clandestine double date. Of course, no good will come of this, as they encounter streetwalkers, bumpy roads, and a couple of toughs previously jilted by their dates. Mint print on one full 600' reel or 2x400' reels - $49
  • ALL NIGHT LONG - 1924 Mack Sennett comedy starring Harry Langdon. Like New 1950's DUPONT print, 400' - $39
  • ONE WEEK - 1920 Buster Keaton comedy classic. Buster and Sybil exit a chapel as newlyweds. Among the gifts is a portable house you easily put together in one week. It doesn't help that Buster's rival for Sybil switches the numbers on the crates containing the house parts. Near Mint, 400' in the OB - $39
  • A DESPERATE SCOUNDREL - 1915 Mack Sennett comedy with Ford Sterling. Flushed with success after stealing milk from a baby, a villain plots to rob a busy neighborhood laundry. Mint, 400' in a white box - $29
  • A ONE NIGHT STAND - 1915 Chester Conklin Keystone comedy with Mae Busch. Two clownish stagehands make life difficult for the manager and cast of a dramatic production. A 1951 Kodak print is on the dark side, Like New in the OB - $15
  • A HAREM KNIGHT (2) - 1926 Ben Turpin comedy features Ben as Rodney St. Clair, the playboy from the international set. Near Mint on a 400' reel in a can - $39
  • A MOVIE STAR - 1916 Mack Swain comedy. Excellent print with some base lines. 400' in a can - $18
  • HAUNTED SPOOKS - 1920 Harold Lloyd comedy. After numerous failed attempts to commit suicide, Harold runs into a lawyer who is looking for a stooge to stand in as a groom in order to secure an inheritance of a house, which her scheming uncle "haunts" so that he can scare them off and claim the property. Near Mint on a 400' reel in the OB - $39
  • DEADLY TURNING - Stars Pearl White in this episode of "Peirls of Pauline" from 1914. Pearl White is pretty and does well as the archetypical heroine. She's also very good in the action scenes whether dangling from a rope or cliff's edge or being carried off by desperados. Like New in the OB - $25
  • FATTY'S MAGIC PANTS - 1914 Keystone comedy with Fatty Arbuckle. Fatty notices in the newspaper that there is a formal dress Grand Benefit Dance this evening. Unable to get the money from his mother to rent a suit, Fatty manages to "borrow" a rival's suit. Despite the suit being too small, Fatty is able to put it on and go to the dance with his girl. Near Mint, 200' - $29
  • OUR DARE-DEVIL CHIEF - 1915 Mack Sennett comedy with Ford Sterling. A gang of thieves continually threaten or attempt to kill the Mayor, always setting up the bumbling Chief of Police as the culprit. The Chief's very friendly relationship with the Mayor's wife doesn't help. When the Mayor's valuables are stolen the Chief is given a chance to redeem himself. Mint Kodak print, 2x200' in the OB - $39
  • HER TORPEDOED LOVE - 1917 Keystone comedy starring Louise Fazenda and Ford Sterling. A worthless butler (Ford Sterling) learns that the boss he hates has left everything to the cook (Louise Fazenda) so he plans on killing of that boss as well as the cook's husband so that he can marry her and get all the money. A pretty wild story, which could have only come from Keystone during this period. Mint, 400' in a can - $49
  • BARNEY OLDFIELDS RACE FOR A LIFE - 1913 Mack Sennett comedy stars Mack Sennett, Mable Normand, Ford Sterling and Barney Oldfield. Jealous villain Ford Sterling has been spurned by damsel Mabel Normand. Vengeful Sterling wields a large mallot before his two henchman tie Mabel to the railroad tracks. Near Mint Blackhawk print, 200' in the OB - $29
  • THE BIG IDEA - 1923 Hal Roach comedy starring Snub Pollard. Inventor Ignatius Pollard develops a new "Pavement Polisher" to clean the streets, but a demonstration of the device does not go as planned. Near Mint on a full 200' reel in a worn OB - $29
  • IT'S A GIFT - 1923 Hal Roach comedy with Snub Pollard. A group of oil magnates are trying to think of new ways to attract business. One of them suggests that they contact the inventor Pollard, who has devised a new gasoline substitute. Full 200', Mint in the OB - $29
  • LAW AND THE OUTLAW - 1913 Tom Mix western. Dakota Wilson escapes from the Deer Lodge Penitentiary, and, after a period of quietness, secures a position on the Diamond S ranch, owned by Buffalo Watson. Ruth, the daughter of the ranch owner, one day sees Dakota's display of horsemanship, and the admiration thus aroused soon ripens into love, much against the protest of the family. This originally was a 2 reeler in 1914, but at least 5 years later as Mix's popularity began to soar it was combined with another 2 reeler to provide a near feature length film for his ever growing audience. About 500' on 2x400' reels, Mint in the OB - $49
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  • HEAVEN WILL PROTECT A WOIKING GOIL - 1916 comedy with Priscilla Dean. Nell leaves for the big city in search of her missing father, followed by a helpless boyfriend hoping to protect her. Mint on a full 200' reel in the OB - $29
  • FLIRTING WITH FATE - 1916 Douglas Fairbanks adventure comedy. In the midst of an emotional depression, a man hires a murderer to kill him. But the despair soon passes, and the man must now escape the killer he's hired to end his life. About 900' on 3x400' reels - $59
  • DRY AND THIRSTY - 1920 Billy Bletcher Christie comedy. Horace Radish wants a drink, but Prohibition is in force. When all his other schemes fail, he heads to the Bootlegger's Haven Hotel with high hopes. Very soft focus image for some reason. Mint, 200' in the OB - $10
  • DON'T SHOVE - 1919 Harold Lloyd comedy. Harold and his rival fight over Bebe Daniels on her birthday, first at her home and then at a nearby skating rink. Near Mint in a Movie Classic box - $29
  • BRONCHO BILLY AND THE GREASER - 1914 Broncho Billy Anderson western. Broncho Billy comes between a Mexican thug and the young woman he is disturbing. 200', Near Mint in the OB - $24
  • LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN - 1923 Leo D. Maloney western. After Jones kicks David Phillips off his ranch, Phillips finds Jones' young grandson who had strayed away from the ranch. Not allowed on Jones' ranch, he leaves the boy at another ranch with a note. With a reward being offered for the boy's return, Jones' foreman finds the boy and alters the note to make it look like a kidnaping. 400', Mint in the OB - $39
  • THE TWO DOYLES - 1919 Franklin Farnum western. Second of twelve episodes in the Franklyn Farnum 2-reel Western series produced by Canyon Pictures Corporation. Mint, 400' in the OB - $29
  • FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD - 1924 Ken Maynard western. Tex Sherwood has just come into possession of a valuable piece of land that will be irrigated by a new dam. Banker Holman knowing the deed must be registered the next day, offers a $50,000 reward for Tex's capture. Mint Blackhawk print on 2x400' full reels in the OB - $59
  • IN THE DAYS OF THE THUNDERING HERD - 1914 Tom Mix western. Tom and Sally are the only survivors when their wagon train is attacked by Swift Wing's braves. Mint condition on a full 400' reel in a can - $29
  • THE PLUMBER - Keystone, 1914. Charlie Murray comedy. Some folks call in a plumber because of the horrible leaks in the pipes. However, the plumber isn't particularly competent and focuses his energies instead on drinking the family's liquor. In the process, the leaks become a lot worse and he actually manages to nearly burn the house down. Mint, full 200' - $29
  • CURSED BY HIS BEAUTY - Keystone, 1914. Comedy starring Charlie Murray and Charley Chase. Dissatisfied with the actors Charley Chase dug up, prima Donna Alice is determined to make Charlie Murray, the ice man, her new lead. Lots of wild action in the Keystone tradition. Mint, full 200' - $39
  • TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE - 1917 Keystone comedy starring Bobby Vernon, Gloria Swanson and Wallace Beerey. Hilarious comedy short pits Gloria Swanson and Bobby Vernon against villainous Wallace Beery in this fast, funny, and historic comedy short. Near Mint 1952 Kodak print, 400' in a can - $39
  • THE SELIG-TRIBUNE 1916 No. 21 & THE MUTUAL WEEKLY 1917 No. 109 - Two historic newsreels showing the events and personalities of 1916 and 1917. Near Mint on a full 400' reel - $49
  • HIS WIFE'S NEW LID and A DAY ON THE FORCE - 1915 Lubin comedies starring Billie Reeves. Both comedies on a full 400' reel in a can - $49
  • CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS - 1922 Al Christie comedy starring Bobby Vernon. Great quality, Mint Blackhawk print, 225' on a 200' reel in the silver OB - $29
  • THE DENTIST - Silent Blackhawk version of the 1933 W.C. Fields comedy by Mack Sennett. 300', Mint in the OB or plastic can - $24
  • DANGEROUS FEMALES (2) - 1929 Al Christie comedy stars Marie Dressler and Polly Moran. Mint silent version of a sound film, 400' in a can - $24
  • THE MUSIC BOX - Laurel and Hardy. Silent version of their classic 1932 sound comedy on a 400' reel in a can - $24
  • WEST GERMANY AND THE RHINELAND - 1950's Carl W. Dudley travel adventure. Mint 200' in a white box - $20



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Laurel and Hardy "2-Reeler"Comedies
- Hal Roach silent era (1926 to 1929) classic films starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. All are on 400' reels unless noted. Like New to Mint condition in cans or the OB

$29 each unless noted

BIG BUSINESS - 1951 Kodak print
DOUBLE WHOOPEE - Excellent used - $24
DOUBLE WHOOPEE - 400' or 2x200
WRONG AGAIN (2) - 2x200' or 400'
LEAVE 'EM LAUGHING (2) - One a 1952 Kodak print - $39

UNACCUSTOMED AS WE ARE (2) - 2x200'& 400'

  • CALL OF THE CUCKOO - 1927 Hal Roach comedy starring Max Davidson, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and Jimmy Finlayson. Max wants to sell his home, because of the crazy neighbours. Somebody else wants to get rid of his house, too, so they swap. But that house turns out to be a chaos of installation. The highlights are the scenes with the neighbors who are played by Laurel, Hardy and Charley Chase. Mint on a 400' reel in a can - $49
  • HUNGRY HEARTS - 1916 comedy starring Oliver Hardy and Billy Ruge. Plump and Runt are starving artists who are both in love with their pretty model. Runt chooses money over love and marries a widow he thinks is rich. It turns out the model is the real heiress, and Plump marries her. Mint on a full 200' reel in the OB - $39
  • SAVE THE SHIP - 1923 Hal Roach comedy starring Stan Laurel. Excellent+ print on a full 200' reel in the OB - $29
  • MAN ABOUT TOWN - 1923 Hal Roach comedy starring Stan Laurel. With Katherine Grant and Jimmy Finlayson. Stan fancies himself a ladies man. Store detective Finlayson sees him as a shoplifter and chases him all over town. Mint print on a full 200' reel - $39

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