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Updated January 10, 2017

The films on this page are for showing on standard / regular 8mm magnetic sound projectors, or dual-8 sound Eumig models, only (although they can be run on 8mm silent projectors). These cannot be run on super-8 projectors. All are on multiple 400' reels and in black and white unless noted. OB indicates the film is in it's original box. Condition is generally Excellent to Mint.

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  • THE TIGER AND THE FLAME - India, 1953.A sweeping historical epic made in India by Indian filmmakers with some help from the west including noted Hollywood cinematographer Ernest Haller (GONE WITH THE WIND). Originall made in Technicolor, this is a black and white print on 6x400' reels - $$119
  • GIDEON'S DAY - 1958 British Hammer Films drama starring Jack Hawkins. Director John Ford traveled to England to film this adaptation of the novel by J.J. Maraca, which details a typical day in the busy life of a detective for Scotland Yard. Complete Like New Derann print on 4x400' full reels - $99
  • PURSUED - 1947 romantic thriller stars Robert Mitchum and Teresa Wright. After his family is murdered in the 1880s, orphan Jeb Rand is raised by the Callum family on their nearby horse ranch. He remains haunted by this childhood trauma in a recurring nightmare of flashing spurs and confinement inside a trap door as his family is slaughtered.`Pursued' is ranked among Raoul Walsh's best westerns. Excellent+ print on 5x400' reels - $119
  • THE BATTLE OF THE RIVER PLATE - 1957, Pinewood Studios, England. Directed by Michael Powell. Starring Anthony Quale. According to historical records available, this movie held closely to the true story of the Graf Spee and the pursuit by the British Navy to catch and engage her in battle. Near Mint slightly abridged Walton Films print on 4x400' reels in white boxes - $89
  • MAN EATER OF KUMAON (2) - 1948 jungle adventure in India stars Sabu, Joanne Page and Wendell Corey. Where the Hunted stalks the Hunter. Excellent to Like New used Walton print on 4x400' reels in the OB's - $69


  • BLOCK-HEADS (2) - 1938 Laurel and Hardy comedy with James Finlayson, Billy Gilbert and Ben Turpin. It's 1938, but Stan doesn't know the war is over; he's still patrolling the trenches in France, and shoots down a French aviator. Oliver sees his old chum's picture in the paper and goes to visit Stan at the Soldier's Home. Near Mint Blackhawk on 3x400' reels in the OB - $89
    Another print Near Mint with excellent density. 2x600' - $119
  • SONS OF THE DESERT - 1934 Laurel and Hardy comedy with Charley Chase and Mae Busch. So that he and Stan can sneak away to Chicago and attend the annual "Sons of the Desert" lodge convention, Ollie pretends to be sick, and gets a doctor (who turns out to be a veterinarian) to prescribe a long ocean voyage to Hawaii. Considered to be their best feature. Mint Blackhawk print on one 1200' reel - $119
  • SWISS MISS - 1938,  Laurel and Hardy, Walter Woolf King, Grete Natzler, Eric Blore. Stanley and Oliver are mousetrap salesmen hoping to strike it rich in Switzerland, but get swindled out of all their money by a cheesemaker is this musical comedy. Mint on 4x400' reels in the OB - $119


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  • SAPS AT SEA - 1939, Laurel & Hardy. After working in the noisy horn factory, just the sound of one drives Oliver into a violent fit. Dr. Finlayson prescribes a long, restful sea voyage, so Stan and Oliver rent a boat and set sail, unaware that escaped killer Nick Grainger has stowed away onboard. Like New on 3x400' reels - $69
  • OUR RELATIONS - 1936. Laurel and Hardy play dual roles as twin brothers. The confusion caused creates lots of problems. With Sidney Toler and James Finlayson. Like New Blackhawk print on 4x400' reels - $69
  • A CHUMP AT OXFORD - 1938, Laurel and Hardy. This is the American featurette release. Like New Blackhawk print on 2x400' reels in the OB - $49
  • FLYING DEUCES - RKO, 1939. Laurel and Hardy join the foreign legion to forget. Oliver is heartbroken when he finds that Georgette, the inkeeper's daughter he's fallen in love with, is already married to dashing Foreign Legion officer Francois. To forget her, he joins the Legion, taking Stanley with him. With Charles Middleton and James Finlayson. Excellent quality Niles print on 4x400' reels in OB - $79
    Another print on 3x600' reels, Like New but contrasty quality - $49
  • THE FLYING DEUCES - 1939 Laurel and Hardy feature condensation by Walton Films. Also starring Charles Middleton, Jean Parker and Jimmy Finlayson. Great quality, Near Mint on 3x400' reels - $69


  • CHECKPOINT - 1956, Pinewood Studios, England. Starring Anthony Steel, Odile Versois, Stanley Baker and James Roibertson Justice. With simply stunning scenery which has now been all but destroyed or tamed by modernity, this film is more than a good British film, it is a wonderful tourist film and social documentary. A typically stout performance by JRJ helps the film retain some semblance of realism against a backdrop of lakes and mountains that post war Britain must have forgotten about. Mint Walton Films print, slightly abridged on 4x400' reels - $79
  • THE BLACK PIRATE - 1926. Starring Dougles Fairbanks. Music and Sound Effects Added. Excellent used Blackhawk print on 4x400' reels - $89

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